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Paul Eugene Winham

Gene Winham – C0-Pilot, was married to my husband’s Aunt- Rena Laverne Murphy Winham. Gene was stationed in San Antonio TX where they lived. On 17 Nov 1955, he was co-pilot of a C54 carrying CIA agents and workers from HYCON Lab near Burbank CA going to “Watertown” in the Nev desert now known as Area 54. Due to secrecy of the flight, it was flown radio silence and without radar. The pilot and co-pilot had lost their bearings due to a strong tail wind, and crashed on Mt Charleston in NV.Gene’s wife has passed on but her children are anxious to locate Gene’s burial place. Any information may help. He was the eldest son of Paul and Marie Winham that lived in Dexter NM at the time of the crash. His 2 brothers were Stephen and Troy or (Tory). They both lived in Roswell in 1955. This mission was classified top secret re U2 spy plane.

– From Ancestry.com


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