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George M. Pappas

Captain George Manuel Pappas – Pilot

Born August 9, 1928 George M. Pappas was 27 at the time of his death. He was survived by his father George Pappas Sr., his mother Mrs. Lawrence Summers, sister Mrs. Bud Allen, and his wife Joan Farquhar Pappas.

The following remarks were sent to Mrs. Florence Summers on November 23, 1955 by Major, USAF Ralph E. Bullock, Commander of the 76th Air Transport Squadron.

“I would like to tell you about George’s tour with us and the place he held in our hearts. George joined the Squadron in May 1954 from Amarillo. After a very short period of training George was appointed a Transport Aircraft Commander, the highest position possible for our aircrews. I mention this to show you what we thought of George’s ability as a pilot and leader of men. In all respects your son lived up to the standards and traditions of the Air Force. His likeable personality was compounded with intelligence, common sense, and outstanding ability, as an aviator. George was a very popular member of the Squadron. . . The accident which cost us the life of such a fine gentleman occurred in an instant, and, if it may be of any consolation to you, I would like to assure you that George experienced no mental or physical anguish during it’s course.”
On December 13, 1955 Major General R. J. Reeves with the Department of the Air Force, Headquarters in Washington D.C. sent Mrs. Florence Summers the following:

“I am privileged to officially notify you that your son, George M. Pappas, Jr., was posthumously promoted to the grade of Captain, USAF, effective 15 September 1955, as announced in Department of the Air Force Letter Orders dated 2 December 1955. His personnel records have been changed to reflect this new grade.

Our records show that Captain Pappas was selected for promotion but, unfortunately, his death occurred before the action could be completed. As authorized by Public Law 680, 77th Congress, as amended, the Department of the Air Force affected his promotion posthumously. . .

I share your pride in your son’s exemplary performance of duty. May I extend my heartfelt sympathy in the great loss you have sustained.”

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