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C-54 Douglas DC-4

United States Air Force Military Air Transport Service Aircraft (MATS) C-54

DC-4 Cutaway Drawing

Douglas DC-4 flew for the first time in 1942. The US War Department purchased the first 34 produced in the same year. The military labeled them C-54. The first “Air Force One” was a DC-4 acquired by the government in January 1944 and used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The C-54 that crashed November 17, 1955 was altered by the United States Air Force to accommodate cargo. The windows in the passengers area of the fuselage were covered by visors and those on board, other than the flight crew, were not allowed to look out while flying in and out of Groom Lake.

Cutaway from “The Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft” Thunder Bay Press General Editor David Donald
USAF 9068 Official Report Photographs C-54


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