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Sidney Marr Passes

It is with profound regret that I announce the passing of Sydney Marr, 95, of Sykesville, MD. Sydney was the widow of William G. Marr, Jr., a CIA security officer who worked at Area 51 and who perished on Mt. Charleston nearly 58 years ago. William and Sydney met while both were working for the FBI and married in Salt Lake City on April 10, 1945. At the time of William’s death in 1955, Sydney was left with two young boys, William Henderson Marr, V, age 9, and Edward Blaine Marr, age 5. Not long after losing her husband she discovered she was expecting another child. Eight months later she gave birth to a baby girl named Laurel. Sydney always kept a positive attitude and was known for her kindness and uncompromising core values. She had the personal strength to keep her small family together and raised wonderful and successful children. Sydney will be missed by her family, friends and all of us working to honor her husband William and the thirteen others on USAF 9068.


Ground Breaking on the 57th Anniversary of the top-secret crash of USAF 9068 at Mt. Charleston, NV

Cold War MonumentWe are happy to announce the Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial SHCWNM Ground Breaking on the 57th Anniversary of the top-secret crash of USAF 9068 at Mt. Charleston, NV. The Ground Breaking event will be on Nov 17, 2012. It will be held at the Middle Kyle Canyon Project Site on Highway 157 heading up Kyle Canyon, Mt. Charleston, NV. The Middle Kyle Canyon Project site is just east of the Mt. Charleston Hotel. The event will run from 10am to 2pm. Speaking at the event will be:

Ky Plaskon – author of Silent Heroes of the Cold War Declassified (books will be available for purchase and Ky will be signing)

John Harris – USFS Middle Kyle Canyon Project Manager – John will be unveiling details regarding the Middle Kyle Canyon park, visitors center, and gift shop that will soon be constructed.

Steve Ririe – Chairman of the Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial Committee. Steve will tell the story of the 1955 top-secret plane crash on Mt. Charleston.

TD Barnes – Retired Special Projects Manager Area 51. TD will talk about his experience at Area 51 and the heroes that were lost.

Ken Walther – Retired CIA Operative. Ken will speak about the need for a memorial to honor all heroes that worked in secret during the cold war.

George Tate – SHCW Memorial Architect and Lane Swainston – SHCW Project Manager. George and Lane will unveil the memorial design, explain the significance designed into the memorial, and answer questions regarding it construction.

The event is open to the public.

Also in attendance will be:

Frank Murphy, former CIA A-12 pilot stationed at Area 51. Frank spotted the USS Pueblo that was captured by North Korea in 1968.

Bob Murphy, former Lockheed engineer stationed at Area 51. Bob was scheduled to fly to Area 51 on November 17, 1955 but he missed his flight.

Also, two Area 51 base commanders will also be in attendance.

As part of this event, the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame will be having a Banquet that evening at 6 p.m. at the Henderson Executive Air Terminal. CIA Pilot Frank Murphy will be inducted into the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame. This event is open to the public and reservations can be made by going to their website nvahof.org.

Directions to the Middle Kyle Canyon Project Site: Take Federal Hwy 95 heading north toward Reno. As you leave Las Vegas go 2.5 miles to State Hwy 157 and take a left turn. The sign on Hwy 95 indicates that Hwy 157 is the Mt. Charleston exit. Go another 15 to 20 miles till you arrive at the Middle Kyle Canyon Project Site (just before the Mt. Charleston Hotel).


Approval of Construction on Cold War Memorial

UPDATE – On February 3rd, 2012 the Forest Service officially approved of the construction of the Silent Heroes of the Cold War Memorial. As previously planned, it will be built as part of the Kyle Canyon Project at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. This is the first time such a project has been approved by the USFS. The Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial will be the first and only memorial built on USFS land. It would not have been possible without the work of many in the Forest Service and with the help of Senator Reid and his Senior Policy Advisor Robert Herbert.

The Silent Heroes of the Cold War Committee expresses it’s gratitude to John Harris, Kyle Canyon Project Manager. And there are and have been others that have helped us over the years.

Once built, this memorial will stand as the only recognition of America’s heroes who worked in secret during the cold war. These are not forgotten heroes. These heroes are the unknown heroes that worked in classified top-secret projects and missions. Without many of their contributions the cold war could have ended very differently up to and including all out nuclear warfare. Even so, most of their contributions will never be known or fully understood. It is therefore our responsibility to do all we can to recognize these heroes and give proper thanks as we express our gratitude.

In the letter of approval Harv Forsgren, Regional Forester, stated: “I applaud your efforts in this partnership endeavor and approve the construction of the Cold War Memorial at the Middle Kyle Canyon site. The partnership that the forest has forged with the Silent Heroes of the Cold War group is an invaluable asset to the forest and district and serves as an example of the type of relationship with the private sector that the agency should be doing more of. . . Good luck with this project. We look forward to visiting the site to see the outcome in the next couple of years.”

Although we have been working closely with the USFS for over one decade, nevertheless, this is an important hurtle. Now we move into full gear to raise the additional $170,000 needed for construction. Again, special thanks to all mentioned and not mentioned that have been passionate about the memorial and have played a role in getting us one step closer to constructing and dedicating the Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial.

— Steve Ririe, Chairman Feb 5, 2012


U-2 Spyplane Information you did not know about

U-2 Spyplanes; we know that they were designed and built by Lockheed for the CIA in the early 1950’s, to conduct clandestine over-flights of Soviet Russia, China, Cuba and other denied areas of the world. They became the most important source of Soviet intelligence in US history at that time.

Our overt knowledge of the U-2 came crashing into the world’s collective consciousness on May 1st 1960, when Francis Gary Powers was shot down in his U-2C over Sverdlovsk, Russia.

Within days of the shoot-down, Dr. Hugh Dryden, director of NASA, reiterated the agency’s previous (May 1956) statements that the U-2 aircraft was a new research tool for high-altitude atmospheric and meteorological research, flown with the logistical and technical support of the Air Force.

U-2 Historians have point to these and subsequent statements by NASA and its predecessor agency, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), as the US government’s first “cover story” to mask the true covert operational use of these new U-2 aircraft by the CIA.

The reality, from subsequent declassified government documents now reveals that, at the time Dryden made those proclamations in May 1956, the first U-2 aircraft were just becoming operational with the CIA. Within a month, the CIA conducted their first operational over-flights, conducted over Poland and East Germany. By the 4th of July 1956, the CIA had flown three more over-flights of Eastern Europe, including the very first clandestine over-flight of the Soviet Union.

Its important to note, that the US Air Force would not receive their first five U-2 aircraft until June 1957 and NASA wouldn’t finally get their (first) two U-2 aircraft until June 1971.

Looking back to when Dr. Dryden announced the peaceful scientific research purposes of the U-2 to the press in May 1960, after the Powers shoot-down, its now evident that he wasn’t actually lying. By that point, Air Force U-2 were conducting peaceful, high-altitude atmospheric and meteorological research flights throughout the world and would continue to do so until 1968.

Source: Dreamland Resort

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