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Approval of Construction on Cold War Memorial


UPDATE – On February 3rd, 2012 the Forest Service officially approved of the construction of the Silent Heroes of the Cold War Memorial. As previously planned, it will be built as part of the Kyle Canyon Project at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. This is the first time such a project has been approved by the USFS. The Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial will be the first and only memorial built on USFS land. It would not have been possible without the work of many in the Forest Service and with the help of Senator Reid and his Senior Policy Advisor Robert Herbert.

The Silent Heroes of the Cold War Committee expresses it’s gratitude to John Harris, Kyle Canyon Project Manager. And there are and have been others that have helped us over the years.

Once built, this memorial will stand as the only recognition of America’s heroes who worked in secret during the cold war. These are not forgotten heroes. These heroes are the unknown heroes that worked in classified top-secret projects and missions. Without many of their contributions the cold war could have ended very differently up to and including all out nuclear warfare. Even so, most of their contributions will never be known or fully understood. It is therefore our responsibility to do all we can to recognize these heroes and give proper thanks as we express our gratitude.

In the letter of approval Harv Forsgren, Regional Forester, stated: “I applaud your efforts in this partnership endeavor and approve the construction of the Cold War Memorial at the Middle Kyle Canyon site. The partnership that the forest has forged with the Silent Heroes of the Cold War group is an invaluable asset to the forest and district and serves as an example of the type of relationship with the private sector that the agency should be doing more of. . . Good luck with this project. We look forward to visiting the site to see the outcome in the next couple of years.”

Although we have been working closely with the USFS for over one decade, nevertheless, this is an important hurtle. Now we move into full gear to raise the additional $170,000 needed for construction. Again, special thanks to all mentioned and not mentioned that have been passionate about the memorial and have played a role in getting us one step closer to constructing and dedicating the Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial.

— Steve Ririe, Chairman Feb 5, 2012


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